The Company

Filpalcos was born in the year 2000 in Paredes city, in the North of Portugal. Inserted in the industrial area, the main business activities are the design, production, rental and sale of structures for events (Stages, Tents and other) intended either for the domestic market and the international market.

Currently, Filpalcos has available 40 employees and has a manufacturing area of 3.400M2, that will be increased soon.

Based on the extensive experience of its human resources, it also provides advice and support to the pre-production in the events and projects of its many customers. And It also has an office of prototyping 3D.

In a simple but not simplistic way, Filpalcos came from a dream, took root and grew up with commitment, dedication and team work

It is already a reference in the national territory, and at the moment it is  now in a full flight towards the future, innovation and new markets, always with the same creative spirit and entrepreneurial.

Today it is present not only in Portugal, but also in Spain, Mozambique, Angola and very soon new continents will be achieved. The company aims in a medium/long term to become an international brand of reference, when it comes to innovation, development, design and production of structures for events, whether renting or sale.

Our Mission

“Innovate, design, produce and sell structures for events (stages, tents and others) .”

Filpalcos mission is to become a reference European company in the industrial area, in the context of design, production, rental and sale of structures for events in order to provide total satisfaction for the customers, ensuring the best results when it comes to safety, quality, uniqueness, innovation and social responsibility.

Our Vision

“To become  a European company of reference and be among the leading vendors in rental and sale of structures for events.”

Filpalcos vision has always been the following:  to develop the potential that the raw materials used provide for the most diverse applications, in a constant search for overrun, with the aim not to be the biggest, but one of the best companies in the universe of global structures for events.

Our Values

Filpalcos philosophy is based, in the constant search for innovation and quality of their products in order to surprise and meet the most demanding expectations of the market and their customers.

The rigour, ambition, honesty, competence and the team spirit are the fundamental pillars for the processing of complex and demanding daily work of the company.

It is based on these values that the company seeks to honor and fulfill the commitments made with their customers and employees.

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